WisdomTree Announces +Crypto Model Portfolios for Advisors in Collaboration with Onramp Invest which features Gemini Integration

NEW YORK, May 25, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- WisdomTree Investments, Inc. (NASDAQ: WETF), an exchange-traded fund (“ETF”) and exchange-traded product (“ETP”) sponsor and asset manager, announced today the WisdomTree +Crypto Model Portfolios. The WisdomTree +Crypto Model Portfolios are expected to be available for advisors to view as an educational resource, including via Onramp Invest, a financial technology start-up focused on integrating crypto assets into advisor workflows, with integration into Gemini, a leading crypto platform.

Will Peck, WisdomTree’s Head of Strategy and Emerging Technologies, said, “WisdomTree has always sought to be a leader in providing educational information and tools for advisors. Advisors are fielding questions about crypto assets now more than ever. Our new +Crypto Model Portfolios are intended to serve as a resource for advisors to consider as they guide their clients who may be looking to participate, based on risk tolerance and other diligence considerations, in this evolving segment of the market. The combination of Onramp and Gemini, two innovative leaders propelling the accessibility of digital assets, allows advisors to strategically incorporate crypto assets into portfolios while potentially considering information provided through WisdomTree’s +Crypto Model Portfolios.”

“Onramp is excited to be the gateway and join forces with two trusted brands in their respective spaces to provide access to crypto assets for RIAs,” said Tyrone Ross, CEO of Onramp Invest.

“Gemini is excited to continue to support the growth of cryptocurrency within investor portfolios and to work with premier partners to provide our leading custody, clearing, and execution services to help their clients access one of the best performing asset classes of the last decade,” said Dave Abner, Global Head of Business Development of Gemini.

Crypto assets, such as bitcoin and ether, are complex, exhibit extreme price volatility, are unpredictable, can become illiquid at any time and should be viewed as highly speculative assets. Gaining exposure to crypto assets presents new and different risks and considerations that may be unfamiliar to advisors, including in their attributes, execution, trading, costs and custody, and may result in an entire loss. An advisor should conduct diligence to, among other things, understand the crypto asset, wallets or any other devices, software or trading platforms used to interact with the crypto asset, blockchain network or relevant network application, potential harm due to loss of private keys, and the liquidity, volatility, complexity, execution, costs, regulatory status (including tax implications) and other risks of the crypto assets, to ensure suitability for any end client in light of individual circumstances, financial position and risk tolerance.

WisdomTree +Crypto Model Portfolio information is designed to be used by advisors solely as an educational resource, along with other potential resources advisors may consider, in providing services to their end clients. WisdomTree’s +Crypto Model Portfolios and related content are for information only and are not intended to provide, and should not be relied on, for tax, legal, accounting, investment or financial planning advice by WisdomTree, nor should any WisdomTree +Crypto Model Portfolio information be considered or relied upon as investment advice or as a recommendation from WisdomTree, including regarding the use or suitability of any WisdomTree +Crypto Model Portfolio, any particular security or any particular strategy. In providing WisdomTree +Crypto Model Portfolio information, WisdomTree is not acting and has not agreed to act in an investment advisory, fiduciary or quasi-fiduciary capacity to any advisor or end client, and has no responsibility in connection therewith, and is not providing individualized investment advice to any advisor or end client, including based on or tailored to the circumstance of any advisor or end client. Advisors are solely responsible for making investment recommendations and/or decisions with respect to an end client, and should consider the end client’s individual financial circumstances, investment time frame, risk tolerance level and investment goals in determining the appropriateness of a particular investment or strategy, without input from WisdomTree.

The Onramp collaboration referenced herein is memorialized via a licensing agreement whereby WisdomTree has provided a license to Onramp for displaying WisdomTree +Crypto Model Portfolios on the Onramp platform to be accessed by advisors at their own discretion. WisdomTree does not have an arrangement with Gemini, which is an Onramp relationship. WisdomTree makes no representations, warranties, endorsements or recommendations regarding Onramp, Gemini, or their products or services.

WisdomTree or its affiliates may currently, or in the future, offer or invest in digital asset products, services or platforms. The proprietary interests of WisdomTree may conflict with your interests.

About WisdomTree
WisdomTree Investments, Inc., through its subsidiaries in the U.S. and Europe (collectively, “WisdomTree”), is an ETF and ETP sponsor and asset manager headquartered in New York. WisdomTree offers products covering equity, commodity, fixed income, leveraged and inverse, currency, cryptocurrency and alternative strategies.

WisdomTree® is the marketing name for WisdomTree Investments, Inc. and its subsidiaries worldwide.

About Onramp Invest LLC
Onramp Invest is an iPaaS (integration Platform as a Service) technology company providing access to crypto assets for registered investment advisors. Our comprehensive crypto asset management solution will enable advisors to help their clients safely, confidently, and intelligently invest in the new age all within their existing workflows and billing models.
Invest with purpose. Learn more at onrampinvest.com

About Gemini
Gemini is a platform that allows customers to buy, sell, store, and earn cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, ether, and DeFi tokens. Gemini’s simple, reliable, and secure products are built to
empower the individual. Gemini was founded in 2014 by twin brothers Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss.

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